Zero Down Bankruptcy

Immediate Debt Relief

No Upfront-Cost

You’re desperate and know that the only way to get out of the heavy debts you face is to file bankruptcy. But there’s a Catch 22 because you can’t even afford the filing fee.

That’s when you need a dedicated bankruptcy firm of attorneys like the Law Offices of Stanley J. Kakol that can help you when you’re so short of cash you can’t help yourself. In emergency situations that include advancing home foreclosures, car and other repossessions, and wage garnishments, we have a zero-down bankruptcy program that could be the lifesaver you have been searching for.

Why You Might Need a Zero Down Bankruptcy Filing

There are many reasons why our clients find themselves in a situation where an emergency bankruptcy filing is needed. We are also aware that many of them simply don’t have the necessary cash to get started. Kakol Bankruptcy can help you to save your assets by waiving the need for a down-payment. Essentially, this allows you to start the process for free!

As stated above, the most common emergency situations for filing bankruptcy are home foreclosures, car repossessions, and garnishments.

  • The reasons for foreclosures range from a homeowner’s inability to pay the mortgage to problems that relate to loan modifications. In many ways, the latter is more traumatic than simply not being able to meet the monthly mortgage payments. A typical example is a client who has been working on a loan modification who finds out that the loan hasn’t been approved. Although he was convinced it would be approved, he is caught off-guard and finds that the lender forecloses the very next day. The only option is to file for bankruptcy – and quickly. But the client doesn’t have the necessary cash to do so.
  • Car repossessions often result in a similar scenario. We often meet clients facing car repossession when the repo truck is literally at their home waiting to take the car away. The only option is to get immediate protection from your lender by filing bankruptcy, but there’s no cash for the filing fee.
  • When it comes to garnishment, because a client’s full wages are not paid after a garnishment has been awarded, or all the money they have in the bank has been frozen, there just isn’t any way to make a down-payment to file.

How Kakol Bankruptcy Can Help

At the Law Offices of Stanley J. Kakol, we know that you need to file bankruptcy because your finances are in a turmoil and you face overwhelming debt. We pride ourselves in being a compassionate firm and we are particularly understanding when it comes to emergency bankruptcy filings.

We also acknowledge that there are genuinely times when these things cannot be helped. Many of our clients have lost their jobs or have been injured or have become ill and are facing enormous medical bills. We really do try to help as best we can.

If you can’t find the money for a down-payment, call us to discuss our zero-down bankruptcy options. Let us help you stop repossessions, foreclosures, and garnishments that will only make your situation worse.

Call Kakol Bankruptcy to see if you qualify to start your bankruptcy process without paying an initial down-payment. You will need to really want to be debt free. You will also need to have an established bank account and the ability to repay at least some of your debts, including what we upfront to help you achieve your bankruptcy status.